Customizing Your Kodi Homescreen

How do I change my nine favorite short cut channels?

From the Tiger Stream Android Homescreen – enter the KODI Media Center, using your right arrow key, navigate to the right, click on the word “Systems,” click on “Appearance,” on left side scroll over to “Skin Tab” then move to the right and click on “Settings,” then from the left side scroll down to “Add-On Short Cuts,” then move to the right side and this is where you will find all your “Video Add-On” short cuts and “Music Add-On” short cuts. Click on “Add-On” you wish to change and a list of all “Enabled Add-Ons” will appear, scroll to desired “Add-On” you wish to have as a short cut and the old “Add-On” will be replaced with the new “Add-On.” When you return to main KODI Home Screen you will see your new “Short Cuts.”