Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide for T4X Pro. If you purchased a mini-keyboard – open battery compartment and pull out USB Dongle and plug into one of the three USB ports on your T4X Pro Unit. If you want to use this now, locate the switch on top edge and turn on. (Battery has a temporary charge and comes with a charging cable.) Follow these step-by-step instructions to properly setup your Tiger Stream T4X Pro Series HD Media Box.

OPEN YOUR BOX and take the AC Adapter out and plug it into a power source (wall outlet), then plug other end into the back of the unit. On the front of the unit you will see BLUE LED light. This indicates that your unit is now powered on and booting up. (Please wait until finished.)

HDMI CONNECTION: Now take the HDMI Cord provided and plug it into the back of your unit then take the other end and plug that into an available HDMI slot located on the back or side of your TV. Using your TV remote control find the Video Source on your TV that the unit is plugged into, most likely HDMI 1 or 2, and turn it on. Look for the Tiger Stream Logo to appear

WELCOME SCREEN: This is the “SETUP” Screen where you will be required to follow a few simple steps. This step is where you will setup the language of the box. If it is in English, click next. If you require a different language it will appear, which will walk you through each step for setting up your unit.

DISPLAY: Using the Remote Control that came with the unit (requires 2 AAA Batteries) press UP or DOWN arrow keys your remote control or + or – button on screen until black borders appear on edge of TV Screen (89% is the recommended size for most screens). When this is accomplished, click “Next”.

ETHERNET SETUP: Plug Ethernet Cable into back of unit and other end should be plugged into your router. Click the Ethernet Box located in top left corner Screen, then click “Connect.” A message will appear to the right of the screen indicating that you are connected, then click Finish.

HOME SCREEN: You will now see the Tiger Stream Home Screen from now on. You can control and access all of Android Applications from this screen.

TIGER WIZARD: Go to KODI Media Center on your Homepage (Top Right Corner) – Click on Video Add-Ons – Click on Tiger Wizard– Click yes. This will load over 1100 Add-Ons. Once done, push the RED button to the left of the yellow button at the top of the remote control this will refresh KODI and it will take you back to the home screen. Then relaunch KODI and you will see a new Screen with a metal diamond plate background with 9 favorite Add-Ons at the bottom of the screen. This is your KODI Home Screen where you will be able to watch movies, TV Shows, live sports and international programming.

To learn more about how to watch what you want, when you want, please take the time to watch our 33 minute video that will guide you through the basic steps to stream movies and TV Shows.